How to create feeds (CSV) for redirect mapping.

VideoClick here to watch a quick video about how redirect mapping works.

In order for us to map redirects for you, we'll need to know which redirects to map and where we may map each one to. So, we'll need the following two feeds from you:

  1. Redirect list - A list of redirects to map. This would be a list of your broken links that you'd like us to create redirects for.
  2. Approved mapping list - A list of approved URLs that we may map each redirect to. We will pick from this list as we do the mapping.

STEP 1 - Create each feed

A) Redirect List
  • Column A should be the URL to map. 
Your completed feed should look something like this: 

B) Approved Mapping List

  • Column A should be the approved URL that we may choose from.
  • Column B is optional and gives is a categorization of the URL (ex: product page, category page, about us page, etc.).
Your completed feed should look something like this:

STEP 2 - Save the feed in the correct format 

You must save your feed in CSV format, by going to File > Save As and selecting "Comma Seperated Values (.csv)" in the file format selection:

* If you're using a Mac and are building this file in Excel please make sure to save it as "Windows Comma Separated" file instead:

STEP 3 - Upload the file you just created into Traffic Control:

Click "continue" and follow instructions on the next step.

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