How to build a bulk feed (CSV).

On the Dashboard page, you'll have two options for creating redirects in Traffic Control: manual and using a CSV feed file. Here are easy to follow steps on how to build this feed. We recommend that you use Microsoft Excel in order to build your feed and will be using it in this example.

STEP 1 - Open Excel and build your feed:

Your spreadsheet should contain two columns:

  • Column A should be your old path. For example, if your old url was, you should enter /shirts.
  • Column B should be your new path. For example, if your new url is, you should enter /collections/shirts.
Your completed feed should look something like this:

STEP 2 - Save the feed in the correct format:

You must save your feed in CSV format, by going to File > Save As and selecting "Comma Seperated Values (.csv)" in the file format selection:

* If you're using a Mac and are building this file in Excel please make sure to save it as "Windows Comma Separated" file instead:

STEP 3 - Upload the file you just created into Traffic Control:

Click "queue & process" and follow instructions on the next step.

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